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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Who can attend these classes?

A:     We welcome participants 18 years+ to participate in ANY of the classes. There is no age limit.

​Please refer to our specific classes for further information on which class might be right for you.

Q:    What do I wear to a ballet class?

A:     There is no need to buy anything specific to wear to ballet to begin with. You are welcome and encouraged to wear what ever you feel comfortable exercising in. Please bring a pair of socks and your water bottle with you. If you find ballet is right for you, we recommend you eventually purchase a pair of ballet specific shoes which are available from dance stores.

Please note: socks can tend to be a little more slippery to move in than ballet shoes so if you have any hip, knee or ankle concerns to protect then we would recommend you consider purchasing ballet shoes before your first class.

​If you have any further questions, please Contact us.

Q:    My schedule changes, do I have to attend the same class every week?

A:     No! We are more than happy to accommodate this and encourage you to attend classes casually, or take advantage of our Flexible Pack!

 The class content for each level is taught the same way throughout the week, for example if you attend a Monday Beginner class one week and then a Thursday Beginner class the following week, the content will be the same. Head to our booking page for more details.


Q:    I am over the age of 55, but would like a class more challenging than Silver Swans, which class can I attend?

A:     Class enrolments are not determined by age, rather by your ability. If you feel confident to attend an intermediate level class, you are more than welcome. Contact us to arrange a free trial.


Q:    When can I join a Pointe or Exam class?

A:     Enrolment into these classes is based on a pre-requisite of at least weekly attendance at a technique class. Anyone at any level can join (Beginners encouraged!)

Pointe shoe assessments are required by a Physiotherapist prior to purchasing Pointe shoes.

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