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Adult Ballet

Our ballet classes are structured to suit all ages and abilities, catering to each individual’s body and needs.

Our classes are offered at the following levels:


A Beginner level class is for dancers in their first year of ballet. In a friendly and relaxed environment, you can practice the foundations of classical ballet.


An Intermediate class is aimed at participants with a good knowledge of basic ballet technique who wish to progress. This class will include more complex steps and sequences such as turning and jump combinations.


An Advanced class is a challenging class for those really confident in their understanding of ballet technique and knowledge. This class is for adults aged 18 and over, and is suitable for students that wish to continue studying ballet after HSC’s, teachers and ex-professionals.

Open Class:

An inclusive class designed for all levels. This class will focus on technique ensuring adjustments and options for each skill level, and will go through barre work, centre and allegro.

Adult Ballet
Advanced Ballet
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